Student & Mentor Spotlight: March 2016


Detongress, a fourth grade student from Washington Irving Elementary, and his mentor Lisa from CME Group interviewed each other for the Student & Mentor Spotlight this month.

What book are you and your mentor currently reading together?
High Tide in Hawaii

If you and your mentor were stuck on a desert island, what is the one book you would bring with you?
Student: a How To Survive a Desert Island Book
Volunteer: a Wilderness Cookbook

What is one thing you and your mentor have in common?
We both like the Magic Tree House series.

If your partner was an art supply, what would they be and why?
Student: a blue marker because it is her favorite color.
Volunteer: a paintbrush because he is creative and has a colorful imagination.

What would your partner’s superhero name and superpower be?
Student: Read-a-book-inator – she can read a book in 3 seconds.
Volunteer: Superboy – he can heat up a pizza in 3 seconds.

What do you admire about your partner?
Student: She is very smart.
Volunteer: Detongress has an awesome imagination. He can come up with the most creative stories.