Rochelle Lee Teacher Award: Classroom Libraries


Each WITS Rochelle Lee Teacher Awardee that completes Summer Institute professional development hours receives a book grant to build their own classroom library. Learn more below about how our teachers are incorporating the new books and summer learning in their classrooms.


“My experience with the Rochelle Lee Teacher Award has been wonderful not only because of the books and the new tablets our class won, but also for helping me grow as a reading teacher. My students are so much more engaged in their reading, with our (very organized) classroom library, and with the wide variety of texts. The classes that I took over the summer helped me to instill the love of reading in myself and also within my students. Although it has only been five very quick weeks, I can already see the great improvements my students have made and their passion grow.”
Laura Ross, Special Education Teacher at McClellan Elementary School, and current Rochelle Lee Teacher Awardee.


“This is my third year with the Rochelle Lee Teacher Award. One new book creates such excitement throughout the room. It was exponential when the new selection of graphic novels was added to the library along with the technology to support it!”
– Brittany Williams, Rochelle Lee Teacher Awardee


“Learning about the workshop model during the summer has changed how I teach. What I learned through the Rochelle Lee Teacher Award has revolutionized my teaching in the classroom.”
– Dana Midura, Kindergarten Teacher at Otis Elementary School and Rochelle Lee Teacher Award Alum

To learn more about the Rochelle Lee Teacher Award, visit the Teachers page of the WITS website or to apply, click here.