2016-17 School Year Recap and WITSummer Preview

The end of a program year is always a little bittersweet as mentors and students say goodbye. However, the summer is a great time for catching up on reading and we hope our students will do just that with the five new books they received from WITSummer Books campaign. Thank you to our mentors who put in the time and effort to support their students in literacy development, reading confidence, and reading for enjoyment. We are so thankful for the strong school partnerships that invite us into their world every week, and the students who welcome WITS volunteers into their lives for a school year.

Now you may think it’s time for WITS to hang out poolside and relax for the rest of the summer, but there’s just no stopping us. For Summer 2017 we’ve expanded our Early Childhood Summer Program to seven schools, our largest cohort of summer sites since the program began in 2012. Next week pre-k students from Drake Elementary, Walsh Elementary, Talcott Elementary, Hibbard Elementary, De Diego Elementary, Manierre Elementary, and McAuliffe Elementary will begin the five-week program led by WITS staff members and lead partner teachers from each school site. The summer program is a unique one for WITS in that blends engaging activities and fun read-alouds with the rigor of an intensive classroom setting. Students attend the program four days a week which provides an opportunity for staff, volunteers, and students to be immersed in teaching and learning foundational literacy skills. It’s a special program that lets us flex our literacy curriculum muscles and hang out with some pretty cute five year-olds.

Stay tuned next month to read about Summer Institute for the WITS Rochelle Lee Teacher Awardees!

By:  Kristen Strobbe, Program Chief Program Officer