Partner Spotlight: The Illinois Lottery & WITSummerBooks

WITS partners with the Illinois Lottery to provide literacy enrichment and summer reading opportunities to thousands of students through the WITSummerBooks program. The Illinois Lottery strives to maximize revenue for Illinois schools in a responsible manner in addition to supporting community enriching programs such as the WITSummerBooks program. Sponsoring the WITSummerBooks program is a direct investment in student literacy and education for the Illinois Lottery, which is an important part of the Illinois Lottery’s mission.  WITS provides books and reading assistance to youngsters in the greatest need of additional support. For them, summer books are lifelines to adventures, travel and learning opportunities they may not otherwise have.

Since 1985, the Illinois Lottery has contributed more than $19 billion to the Common School Fund.  Additionally, the Lottery has provided hundreds of millions of dollars to the Capital Projects Fund and to various special causes, including Illinois Veterans services, breast cancer research, Multiple Sclerosis research, Special Olympics training programs and HIV/AIDs awareness and education.