Student & Mentor Spotlight: April 2016

Alexia, a fifth grade student from Chavez Elementary, and her mentor Laura from Deloitte interviewed each other for the Student & Mentor Spotlight this month.

What book are you and your mentor currently reading together
Sunny Side Up

If you and your mentor were stuck on a desert island, what is the one book you would bring with you?
Student: The Real Story of Cesar Chavez
Mentor: Moneyball

What is one thing you and your mentor have in common?
We both like the Disney Channel, dogs, we each have a sister, and like reading.

If you were an art supply, what would you be and why?
Student: a paintbrush because I have mixed emotions.
Mentor: a pen because it is permenent and I do not like change.

What would your partner’s superhero name and superpower be?
Student: Timewarp – she’d be able to change her age and time travel.
Mentor: Elastic Alexia – she would be elastic so she could be tall or small.

What do you admire about your partner?
Student: She gets me and is always there for me!
Mentor: That she is so smart and hardworking – and loves to read!

What is your job and/or your future job?
Student: My future job is to be a pediatrician.
Mentor: I am a tax consultant and one day I will be a CFO.