Board Member Spotlight: John Martin

I initially started on the Board of Directors for Boundless Readers (BR) eight years ago.  I joined BR because the mission was to help CPS teachers teach the love of reading to their students.  We did this by providing leading-edge professional development for the teachers who were awarded the Rochelle Lee Teacher Awards.  Then the students would receive an in-class library, from which they could take out books year-round.  There is probably no better day each year for me than the day that those books are delivered to the classroom!

Boundless Readers decided to join the WITS family (and I was lucky enough to continue on as a Board Member for WITS), because both organizations had the same mission, with WITS focusing on leveraging mentors to teach the love of reading.  With the combined programs, we have now substantially increased the impact on each school, classroom, teacher and, most importantly, student we touch.

When you see a second grade student walk over to their in-class library, grab a favorite book off of the shelf, and then you hear him enthusiastically explain why poetry is his favorite genre because of this specific book, you know you have a reader for life!

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