Program Focus: Workplace Mentoring with Otis Elementary at Morgan Stanley

WITS 2016, Brett Bulthuis

Since 2001, Morgan Stanley has been a committed partner with WITS. Powered by the volunteerism of over 70 new and veteran mentors, Morgan Stanley serves 30 students in fourth through sixth grade. To provide the most opportunity for their employees to spread the love of reading with students, Morgan Stanley maximizes their impact in Chicago by hosting the Workplace Mentoring program at two of their office branches. Each week, students from Otis and McClellan Elementary Schools are welcomed downtown to share stories, complete homework, and develop proficiency as readers.

At Morgan Stanley the enthusiasm is clear among those who participate. Whether a regular program week or a celebration, the mentors at Morgan Stanley always create a special experience for their students.

Erin Haley is a Financial Advisor at Morgan Stanley who plays an instrumental role as the Corporate Coordinator for the Workplace Mentoring program at the Franklin Center. Erin recently shared some of her thoughts about the WITS program and the corporate culture at Morgan Stanley.

Why is WITS important to you?:
“I’m a big believer in the power of education.  It is such a delight working with our WITS students every week, encouraging a love of learning outside of the classroom, and watching them grow and develop into dynamic young children.  Further, there’s so much power in the relationships that are fostered between the students and mentors.  It’s really a beautiful thing.”

What does it mean to you that Morgan Stanley supports WITS as a volunteer opportunity?:
“I feel privileged to work at Morgan Stanley where giving back is truly a part of our culture.  Our partnership with WITS is just one example, but participation in this program no doubt enriches my life and the lives of our other volunteers – you can see and feel the positive impact every time the students walk in the door!  It makes me proud to work for a company that values a commitment to our community.”


Eric Coleman, Development Coordinator