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WITS in the News – Adelante Chicago on WGN TV

“[The] words that I didnt understand, my partner would help me out, pronunce it, and make me understand the definition. At the same time I was enjoying it because we would laugh and have a good time.”

Orquidia Delgado, a WITS student from Talcott Fine Arts And Museum Academy, joined Lourdes Duarte and Brenda Langstraat on Adelante Chicago to discuss her experience in the Workplace Mentoring program at Morgan Stanley. WITS connects volunteers from 70 corporate partners to provide literacy mentorship to thousands of Chicago Public Schools students, like Orquidia, each year. Thank you WGN TV and Lourdes for your support of WITS!

WITS in the News – WBBM: Newsmakers Making A Difference with Lisa Fielding

WITS students at Drake Elementary read with Program Coordinator, Nick Colbert, and WITS CEO, Brenda Langstraat.
WITS students at Drake Elementary read with Program Coordinator, Nick Colbert, and WITS CEO, Brenda Langstraat.

WBBM Newsradio shared a story about how WITS is making a difference in the community. The piece highlights WITS’partnership with Drake Elementary and the work of WITS Board Member, Principal Sydney Golliday.

Thank you to Lisa Fielding and WBBM Newsradio for featuring the great work of WITS students, the true difference makers in our city! Read the article and listen to an interview with Brenda Langstraat, WITS CEO, here.

WITS in the News – Univision Chicago

Anualmente, los programas de WITS ofrecen apoyo de lectura y libros a miles de estudiantes en Chicago Public Schools, incluyendo más de 100 estudiantes de Talcott Fine Arts And Museum Academy. ¡Gracias a Univision Chicago por cubrir nuestro trabajo y a Dr. Bahena por ser una campeona para los estudiantes de Talcott y WITS! Mira más aquí.

WITS in the News – WGN Radio: The first identity that a student has is “I can read”

Brenda Langstraat, WITS CEO, on WGN Radio.

Brenda Langstraat, WITS CEO, talked with Scott Cochran on WGN Radio about WITS’ partnership with Chicago Public Schools to advance student literacy in 80 neighborhood schools through the integration of teacher training and mentorship programs—a unique model that is accelerating reading level growth in our students. The goal is that every student in WITS programs achieves that ‘spark’ of a love of learning! Thank you, Steve and WGN! Listen here.