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Partner Spotlight: KPMG


Beginning in 2015, KPMG has generously provided books to WITS students through the KPMG Family for Literacy (KFFL). Managed in collaboration with First Book, KFFL provides new books to children from low-income families. KFFL has provided more than 2.9 million new books to low-income children in communities across the country since its inception in 2008.

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Summer Reading Recommendations 2017

Throughout each school year, Rochelle Lee Teacher Awardees participate in the Remaining Readers Book Clubs to continue building their passion for reading and further connect with like-minded educators. The following books are the favorite titles read by each Remaining Readers group, perfect suggestions for your next summer read!

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Student and Mentor Spotlight: Exelon & Lozano Elementary

Lorilyn and Galilea are reading partners in the WITS Workplace Mentoring Program. Galilea is a sixth grader at Rodolfo Lozano Bilingual & International Center Elementary School in Wicker Park. Every Thursday afternoon she rides a school bus with 34 of her classmates to Exelon’s offices in the Chase Tower. Once there, she takes the elevator to the 48th floor, where she reads with Lorilyn, or Laura, her other reading mentor. Lorilyn and Galilea are both WITS veterans, having been in the program for several years. They sat down to share some of their thoughts on reading, WITS, and each other.

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Founders Awardee Spotlight: Lili Ann Zisook

WITS is proud to honor 14 individuals who laid the foundation for creating the organization we are today.


“WITS is such a special program. I’m so glad that it has flourished in the way that it has because it is something that affects so many lives.” Lili Ann Zisook, a former teacher, has been involved with WITS as volunteer, Board Member, and Emeritus Director over the past 25 years.

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Forefront Feature on Non-Profit Sustainability

We are excited to share Forefront’s blog post on non-profit sustainability highlighting the WITS/Boundless Readers merger.   Included in the feature is an interview with WITS CEO Brenda Palm.  Read the the full post here.

Forefront is a statewide membership association for nonprofits, philanthropy, public agencies, advisers, and allies. Forefront’s feature helps elevates WITS presence as a leader in non-profit innovation.

The Alter and Stone Volunteer Award

The Alter and Stone Volunteer Award to celebrates WITS founders  Joanne Alter and Marion Stone through recognizing a volunteer who has dedicated time, energy, and passion to help students work toward academic success. The inaugural Alter and Stone award was given to Bud Lifton in 2012. At that time Bud had volunteered over 2,700 hours of service and enriched the lives of over 600 students through his service with WITS.