End-of-Year Quotes from WITS Students

by Eleanor Dollear, Program Coordinator   

During the 2017-2018 academic year, WITS staff and volunteers had the privilege of working with 380 Mid-Day Mentoring students and 373 students in our after-school programs. During the last few weeks of programming, coordinators asked students to reflect on their experiences as WITS participants. Here’s what they thought about their mentors, reading abilities, and overall WITS experience.


  • “My favorite part of WITS is being with my mentors.” –Yareli, Walsh
  • “The most important thing I learned from my reading partners is to never give up” –DiAnna, Fairfield
  • “To make WITS better I would have both mentors at each session.”—Damari, Penn
  • “My partner is a very caring person.” –Alondra, Otis
  • “An important thing I learned from my reading partner was how to speak some German.” –Bryanna, Chavez

Reading abilities

  • “I like how my partners help me understand words.” –Jocelyn, Otis
  • “I learned to slow down at periods and I can also read harder books thanks to [my partners] Janet and Abby!” –Ella, Brentano
  • “I use a new tool to read, and the new tool is the dictionary.” –Stephanie, Perez
  • “I learned to stop at periods and sound out words from my mentors.” –Raizel, Drake
  • “I learned from my partners how to break down compound words.” –Diego, Talcott

WITS, generally

  • “I wouldn’t change anything about WITS. It’s already great.” –Jonathan, Chavez
  • “I would change the program to make it better by making the program 2 hours and 40 minutes.” –Nahomi, Brentano
  • “To improve WITS, we should have Mid-Day Mentoring every day!” –Leila, Brentano
  • “I learned from my reading partner how to dress professional and fancy.” –Lucia, Chavez
  • “My favorite part of WITS was everything.” –Gael, Perez

Serving students is the top priority of WITS staff, and it is evident that students deeply value their relationships with their mentors. The students’ words provide a small glimpse into the WITS experience from their perspective. Not only did students’ responses reflect their enjoyment of the program, they also shed light on their fun and enthusiastic personalities. We are lucky to get to work with such fantastic students!