National Principals Month

By Kellie Romany, Communications Manager

Each October brings an opportunity to recognize the hard work of our principals during National Principals Month. Here at WITS we are grateful for the incredible principals that partner with us to build critical literacy skills and develop positive self-identity in students. In celebration of National Principals Month we asked our staff to #ThankAPrincipal for their dedication to the education of the next generation.

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Mr. Belleville
Principal Belleville sitting with students during WITS programming.

Principal Ryan Belville at Sharon Christa Mc Auliffe Elementary School is great to work with. He is so invested in his students. He stops by my programs and the kids get so excited to see him. You can tell that he takes the time to get to know each and every student at his school. Thanks for welcoming WITS into the McAuliffe community!

-Eleanor Dollear, Program Coordinator

Principal Tai Basurto with a student from John C. Dore Elementary School.

Principal Tai Basurto goes out of her way to make sure the teachers at John C. Dore Elementary School (Dore) have the resources and support they need to be excellent teachers. A former Rochelle Lee Teacher Awardee (RLTA) herself, when Tai became the principal of Dore, she knew she wanted RLTA in her school. She stepped up and lead a school-based study group during the 2017-2018 school year. She also joined the Remaining Readers Book Club to push herself to read more adult-level texts. We’ve had rich discussion on race, class, and how to best teach children to read. All schools should be so lucky to have an administrator as devoted, energetic, and engaged as Principal Tai Basurto.

-Mia Valdez Quellhorst, Director of Teacher Programs

Volunteer with student from Fairfield Elementary.

Ms. Claudia Lopez is the principal at Fairfield Elementary Academy. I would like to thank her for welcoming both our Mid-Day and Workplace Mentoring programs into the Fairfield community. Our Fairfield students truly love coming to WITS, and we’re fortunate to be able to work with them every week.

-Annie Kennedy, Community Manager